Welcome to my little place of insanity

HI, my name is Allison, but I sometimes go by Athene Parthenos. This is my page. tee hee-hee.

Aren't we cute?
To the left is a picture of me and my boyfriend. We have been together for over three years!

I am a SENIOR at Smith College *hides under a bed*. I am a classical studies major, with an unoffical theatre minor. Basically this means that I like to study things that happened ages and ages ago and read languages that are long dead. I really enjoy the Greek culture, but I am much better at Latin than I am at Greek. I guess the world works in funny ways. Actually, what I would love to do is to work on "free" translations of Greek plays that are more suited for today's audience, but my Greek will have to get much better first.

I enjoy role-playing, espically D&D (I am learning how to GM, the world should be very afraid!). Right now I am in three D&D games (two of which are weekly), so it's sort of insane!! I also play in the Miller's Reach boffing LARP over the summers. Ah, the joy of running around in the forest with a foam weapon beating things up (or as the case may be for me, getting beated up *G*)

I also like to go goth clubing, espcially at The Haven. Here are some
pics of me looking all gothic and stuff.

My boyfriend and I have a kitty named Spectre, partly because he is a white cat and partly after James Bond. He was born on Friday October 13, 2001 under a full moon. Cool, huh? His nick name is "the hell beast". I was procrastionating one day and made a page for him. You can find it here
. There are lots and lots of pictures of him. People who own lots of black clothing should not own white cats. Oh well. I love him anyway.

My first year at Smith I took a basic comp-sci class. Here is a replica of the pages that I made for that class: My Comp Class Page

I've done some more work with webpages since then.

I work at Smith's User Support Center. I've helped them redo their information webpage

Here are the webpages of the two clubs I am active in:
The Smith Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society (I am the webmistress for this one)
The Association of Smith Pagans

If you want to know more about my life, you could always read my livejournal. But I'm afraid that it's not that exciting.


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