Gamer-Chick's Power Page

Hi, the is a page for and about gamer-chicks. I decided to write this page because the gamer-chick is an underrepresented portion of the gamer community. We are a small community, but we look out for each other.

What is a gamer chick?    Info about what makes up a gamer chick
Quotes    Quotes by gamer-chicks for gamer chicks about gamer-chicks
My experiences    My tale of becoming a gamer-chick and some gamer-chick things that I do.
Links    Links which gamer-chicks might find useful
Design Document    Documentation on the design of this website

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(note: the original files of this site were lost and only recoverd through the amazingness that is Unfortunatly the links page and all of the images were not archived and are lost.)